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25D Breaker Plate Assembly!

25D Breaker Plate Assembly!


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This is a new breaker plate assembly to fit Most DM2 distributors, all 25D distributors, and all 22D distributors.
Applications include but are not limited to:
MGA, MGB through '74, TR3-4-5-6, 4&6 cyl Jaguar through '74, Midget, Most Sunbeams, Mini through '74, etc...

This breaker plate is a complete new assembly with points, condenser, ground wire, and terminal block already installed. I've tested them through 8,000 rpms and installed 100's of them with no issues. It solves many problems caused by worn breaker plates, which are VERY common.
Photos coming soon!

It will NOT fit many applications, so if yours is not listed, please inquire before ordering!!!

These are currently being assembled and will be added to the website in limited quantities.