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MGB Flyoff Handbrake Pawl

MGB Flyoff Handbrake Pawl


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This is a newly developed part to convert your MGB handbrake into a flyoff handbrake. Essentially, this means you can use your handbrake lever to apply the brakes anytime you want, without it locking in place. If you want to lock it, simply push the button in, then lift the lever to release. If you push the button while you try to release it, it acts like a theft deterrent system, relocking the brake.

This is one of those cool gimmick parts that's so inexpensive and unique that you just can't live without one. Better yet, pick up two because you know your MGB buddy's going to want one when he sees yours!

***UPDATE*** We expect these to be back in stock by the end of May.

*** Handbrake not included. All that you will receive is the pawl/gear pictured in the foreground.***