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Full race Distributors!!!

Full race Distributors!!!


Availability: Out of stock

We have the ability to build you a true race distributor, if that's what you need!  Capable of working consistently to 8000+ rpms, tailored to your every need - we can build them!!!  Need two absolutely identical?  No problem!!!  Need the timing to retard 1 or 2 degrees over 6000 rpms, we can do that!!!  Less expensive than buying a distributor from England, and better tailored to work for your driving style and needs, we can build them!!!  Right now we have a few 23D race distributors available, and several suitable 43D distributors, either with points, Pertronix, or your favorite trigger preference.  These are hand built to perfection, after you place an order.  Pricing will be based on what you need, starting at $150 for 43D units, $200 and up for 23Ds. 

Inventory states out of stock ONLY so that you MUST CALL to order!!!  Each distributor is tailored for your race engine - for optimal high speed performance, and to match your racing needs.  Pricing matches the standard street distributor pricing since I'm a huge advocate for racing and know how expensive it is.