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6 Cylinder ignition rotor

6 Cylinder ignition rotor


Availability: 4610 available

This red ignition rotor was designed to solve all the issues common with with Lucas brand rotors! The solid brass terminal is thermally bonded to ensure it will never come loose. There is NO RIVET to loosen up or create a short to the distributor shaft, which would leave you stranded. There is also ZERO black carbon in the plastic material to help aid in an ignition short to the shaft, or anywhere else that power is not supposed to travel! The fit to the shaft is absolutley perfect. In essence, it couldn't be a better product!!!

These come pacakged 2 per box, so you always have a spare for your buddy driving behind you. This rotor fits virtually all 6 cylinder British cars built before 1975 AND TR6 cars through '76, including all MGs, Triumphs, Austins, Austin Healeys, Lotus, British Fords, etc... You get the picture. Unless you have a 45D6 or an odd clockwise spinning distributor, this is your rotor!!!

The official application is for the DM2P6, DM6, 25D6 and 22D6.

***These do not fit replacement 45D type distributors***