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45D Supreme Ignition Package

45D Supreme Ignition Package


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Our 45D Supreme Ignition Package includes everything you need to install a great performing electronic ignition system in your 4 cylinder British car! It includes a completely rebuilt and performance modified GENUINE Lucas distributor, a new Pertronix electronic ignition system pre-installed and tested, the best cap and rotor set on the market, a pre-installed lifetime warranty spark plug wire set numbered for cylinders 1 through 4, and its ready to drop in place. Also included is a matching high performance Bosch Blue epoxy coil with a new bracket and basic instructions. This is the real deal - not a cheap knockoff Chinese or Indian made distributor like everyone else sells. This one should outlast the car and outperform any other replacement distributor!!!

The remarkable part of this distributor is not all the good parts its built from. This distributor will be tailored to your needs once its ordered. If you fill out the "Curve Worksheet" found on every page of our website, you can fax or email that to me with any unique details about your car or its powertrain. We take those into account, along with your location (what fuel options you have locally), and build the best possible distributor for YOUR CAR!!!

THIS IS CUSTOM BUILT PER ORDER, NOT ON THE SHELF READY TO SHIP! Normal rebuild times apply, listed on the front page of